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DBpedia 3.6 AMI Available

In line with prior releases of DBpedia, there is a new 3.6 edition of the DBpedia AMI available from Amazon EC2.

What is a DBpedia AMI?

A preconfigured Virtuoso Cluster Edition database that includes a preloaded DBpedia dataset. The entire deliverable is packaged as an Amazon Machine Instance (AMI); which is a cloud hosted virtual machine.

Why is it Important?

It enables you to productively exploit the power of the DBpedia within minutes. Basically, you can make DBpedia instances that serve you personal or service  specific needs. Thus, you do not have to constrain your use of DBpedia via the live instance which is configured for Web Scale use, based on server side constraints that affect concurrent connections, query timeouts, and result set sizes.

How do I use it?

Simply follow the instructions in the DBpedia AMI guide which boils down to:

  1. Instantiating a Virtuoso EC2 AMI
  2. Mounting the Amazon Elastic Block Storage (EBS) snapshot that hosts the preloaded Virtuoso Database.


DBpedia in ReadWriteWeb’s Top 10 Semantic Web Products of 2009

The new year is slowly approaching and people start compiling their top x lists of 2009, with x usually ranging between 10 and 365. 😉

The popular Web technology blog ReadWriteWeb has chosen x with value 10 and picked DBpedia as one of their top Semantic Web products of 2009. Its actually the only non-commercial community project in the list and in good company with products such as Google’s Search Options and Rich Snippets, Apperture and Other picks, which btw. heavily use or link to DBpedia, include OpenCalais, Freebase, BBC Music and Zemanta.

Read the full article at

Want to bring your Blog, Wiki, WebApp to the Semantic Web?

DBpedia exposes semantics extracted from one of the largest information sources on the Web. But one of the nice things about the Web is the variety and wealth of content (including your Blog, Wiki, CMS or other WebApp). In order to make this large variety of small Websites better mashable and bring them on the Semantic Web the makers of DBpedia released technologies, which dramatically simplify the “semantification” of your Websites. Please check out Triplify (a generic plugin for Webapps with preconfigurations for Drupal, WordPress, WackoWiki), D2RQ (a Java software for mapping and serving relational DB content for the Semantic Web) and Virtuoso (a comprehensive DB, knowledge store infrastructure).

flickr photo collection links added to DBpedia

Christian Becker (Freie Universität Berlin) has implemented a wrapper around flickr which generates photo collections depicting DBpedia concepts. See flickr wrappr for details. We have interlinked all DBpedia concepts with the corresponding photo collections. You can now use any Semantic Web browser to navigate from a DBpedia concept to flickr  photos depicting it by following the dbpedia:hasPictureCollection property. This means an additional 30-50 million photos are accessible through DBpedia.

For example, click on the URIs below or paste them into your Semantic Web browser:

Photos depicting Brandenburg Gate:
DBpedia URI for Brandenburg Gate :